Company history.

Doing business as Lenk Transportation, Inc. our company was originally founded as Lenk Produce, Inc. on May 28, 1959 by Gilbert LaBair and Robert Severin. The business operated from what was then, the largest open air fruit market in the world, the Benton Harbor Fruit Market in Benton Harbor, Michigan. After many successful years the company was purchased by Kingsley M.(Butch) Zerbel on June 26, 1984. The company name was changed to Lenk Transportation, Inc. in October 1988. Through a Buy-Sell Stock Agreement, Matthew D. Zerbel acquired complete ownership of the Company on February 1, 1993. Our current Company headquarters is located at 1210 Pipestone Road in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The company has continued to flourish and today operates with offices throughout the United States.

Lenk Transportation, Inc. is a major transportation provider for the live tropical plant, fresh produce and processed food industries in our marketing area supported by our most important assets; knowledgeable employees, courteous services, and a host of satisfied and continuing customers. Today sales exceed $27 million dollars annually, moving more than 12,000 loads of freight per year. The key to our success is the belief that our individual and customer relationships should be managed on the basis of the highest standards of conduct and ethics. We have been recognized for holding these standards by the major publications in our industries, The Red Book and the Blue Book. We have consistently been awarded a Four Star Rating for ethical standards of operation.

Mission Statement.

Lenk Transportation Inc. is a national transportation intermediary operating as a transportation broker and logistics company. We are heavily aligned with and a leader in providing services to the live plant, fresh produce, and processed food industries. We provide value to our customers as well as unparalleled customer service before, during and after all sales.